Engineering Support Center

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Bill Denham

Software Engineer

The Software Engineer handles simulator system discrepancies discovered at any C-5 simulator site and verified by the relevant test group to affect more than one simulator. Those snags which are traceable to a software cause give rise to a detail redesign and retest sequence. Where the snag is traced to a supplier's modification effort, the correction is requested of the supplier and made available for in house test. Snag fixes are aggregated to periodic software releases which are distributed to sites for replacement of previous software deliveries. Software engineering also coordinates the software modifications to simulated systems contracted to third party vendors.

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Jim Soltau

Engineering Support Center Lead, Hardware Engineer

The Hardware Engineer is primarily responsible for the electrical and mechanical configuration of the C-5B Aircrew Training System Program. This is accomplished by implementing and evaluating all modifications. Other responsibilities of this section is to provide support by means of simulator modification enhancements, the re-designment due to obsolete parts and technical assistance to various organizations as directed. Other functions of this position is to create electrical, mechanical and parts list documents using AutoCAD.

Richard Robinson

Visual Database Modeler

The Visual Database Modeler maintains and modifies computer rendered visual models for display on the visual image generator installed on the C-5 WSTs. Each visual database is a realistic representation of the terrain and geospecific area, constructed by placing polygons, light points, various visual Library objects in a coordinate system. Required modifications or discrepancies are identified by any of the C-5 simulator sites and once confirmed by Test Group goes into working. The amendments are made with modeling tools developed by FSI-VSS (FlightSafety International - Visual Simulation Systems). The amended version of the database is then installed on one of Lackland's simulators, tested and once approved is ready to be included in the next visual database release. This version of the visual release is distributed to all C-5 simulator sites where it is installed and thereby replaces the previous version.

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